New Patch Video

If you haven’t checked out the Patch Fitness website in a while, you need to. There is a great Patch video from Doug Stebbins. Doug is an elementary school Physical Education teacher from… Continue reading

Online Therapy

For those of you who are hurting and don’t have a clinic nearby, I would strongly encourage you to check out our online therapy option.  It’s a simple and painless process, not to… Continue reading

Egoscue LA Owner Chris Kussoff podcast

Chris Kussoff was recently interviewed by Xtraordinary Living. This was a great interview and helps answer a lot of questions for newcomers to the Method. Listen to what Chris has to say here.… Continue reading

Patch Fitness and the Indoor “O” Course

Some of you might have heard about Patch Fitness, but I’m guessing for most of you it’s a new term.  Patch Fitness is an extension of the Method and constitutes anything that isn’t… Continue reading

Welcome another Egoscue blog

Egoscue Phoenix Clinic Director John Cattermole has started a new blog. John brings years of Egoscue experience to the blogging world. See his new site here. Congrats John! As a reminder, if you… Continue reading

Knee Pain Testimony

My name is Robin Robins and I’ve been teaching aerobics and lifting weights for over 20 years. I like to consider myself a tough old bird that can take the sore muscles and… Continue reading

Back Pain/Bulging Disc Testimony

I have two bulging discs in my lower back and had an MRI the week I came to Egoscue. When I came to the clinic I had been in the car for over… Continue reading

Health and Wellness Magazine

The Egoscue Method Nashville was featured in January’s Health and Wellness Magazine ( Patricia Martin does an excellent job of putting together a great magazine, and I wanted to take the opportunity to… Continue reading

Shoulder Pain Testimony

Hey all, Here is a great testimony from one of my clients who was suffering from chronic shoulder pain. I hope this brings some of you hope and encouragement! ————————- Incredible! That’s how… Continue reading

Back Pain Spending Surge Shows No Benefit

Interesting article in the NY Times yesterday saying that although Americans are spending more money than ever ($85 Billion in 2005) to treat their back pain, they aren’t getting any better. Why? Because… Continue reading