2016: The Year You FINALLY “Try Everything”

To Do

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. In fact, it’s uttered on a daily basis in our clinics. We hear it from the most desperate of clients. The ones who have checked the numerous boxes on their list of things tried:







In a nutshell, we hear from our client: “I’ve tried everything.

If I can be honest with you for a second, no…you haven’t. You haven’t tried everything. Don’t get me wrong, you have tried a LOT of things, but you haven’t tried it all. You’ve done multiple therapy modalities. Some of you have had multiple surgeries. You’ve bought multiple high-end chairs. You purchased a standing desk. You’ve cut out various forms of exercise believed to be causing your pain.

Yet, you haven’t tried something as “simple” as returning the body back to its original design.

You see, pain is a signal. And signals are meant to be interpreted. For example, if you have pain in your knee, it’s the body’s way of alerting you that you’re off, out of balance, not moving as you’re intended to move. More often than not, the hip sitting directly above that painful knee is where the cause of the knee pain is originating from. In short, your body has lost its design, and it’s telling you as much. What’s amazing is that your body is still keeping you vertical, moving around, allowing you to get in and out of a chair, etc. Instead of thinking your body is broken, you should actually be applauding your body. We should be celebrating that it’s still getting you from Point A to Point B, albeit a bit more painful than it once was. Instead, we jump to a “10” on the freak-out scale.

In reality, your body is simply compensating, adapting to its environment, surroundings, and various hobbies that you enjoy. That’s the cool thing about the body. However, when you target the symptoms, you ignore the genesis of the issue. Your body has moved away from its design blueprint, one that all of us–male and female alike–share. Return your body back to proper alignment, and you’ll eliminate your pain for good. It’s simple, but it takes work. You have to remember that you didn’t get into your position overnight, and you won’t get out of your position overnight.

I get excited when I talk to new clients about Egoscue, to paint a picture for them that involves them actually living life again. Yes, that can be you. You can get your life back. You’re designed to run, jump, climb, and crawl, and to do those things pain free. The fact that you’re reading this and even thinking about going to an Egoscue clinic tells me that you haven’t tried everything. Make 2016 the year you give Egoscue a try. I guarantee it’ll be worth it.

QUESTION: What therapies have you tried? What was your experience with them?