Do I Have to Do Egoscue Forever?

That’s a question I hear almost daily from our clients. Every time I hear it, I laugh a little bit to myself and think, No…you don’t have to do Egoscue forever. I guess if you like having chronic pain!

The reason I laugh to myself is because I truly find it funny that clients ask about stopping their exercises. Yet, with a lot of clients, that’s what happens; they do their menu, they start to feel better, and then they quit doing it.

But what happens after they stop their exercises is totally predictable: Their pain comes back.

They start hurting again, they pick their exercises back up, they feel better, and the cycle continues in a lather-rinse-repeat process.

But what really makes me chuckle is the thought process behind the question. Imagine sitting in your dentist’s chair and asking, “Soooo…do I have to brush and floss my teeth forever?” Isn’t that a ridiculous question? Of course you have to brush and floss your teeth forever! Because, if you don’t, you’ll have cavities and eventually teeth that aren’t yours.

Or what if you asked your mechanic, “So…do I have to rotate my tires forever?” I’m almost positive that instead of actually rotating your tires, your mechanic would laugh you right out of his shop!

So when I get asked that question, I laugh. I laugh because I know that you would never propose those questions to your dentist or mechanic. It’s a given, it’s assumed, that you will continue to follow their recommendations and make it a point to check in with both of them a couple times each year.

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With the body, it’s crucial that you practice, and maintain, good posture, function, and alignment. If you don’t, you’ll end up with joints that wear out unevenly, chronic pain, joint replacements, etc.

You have to have the same mindset toward your body that you would with your teeth or your car: If you aren’t being proactive, you’re headed for trouble. Very expensive trouble.

So, the answer to the question, “Do I have to do Egoscue forever?” is…NO. No, you don’t have to do them forever. It’s your choice. But I do hope that Egoscue becomes a habit, that it becomes part of your life. Just like brushing your teeth. Just like getting your tires rotated and balanced. We want “pain free” to become a habit!

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QUESTION: How many days per week do you do Egoscue?