The Most Twisted of All Occupations


I’m curious…after reading the title of this post, which occupation do you believe I’m talking about?

Maybe some of you think I’m talking about doctors.

Perhaps some of you had a bad experience with a used car salesman and assume I’m referring to them.

I’m sure more than a few of you thought this post is about lawyers, but it’s not, despite the fact that everyone knows a good joke about a twisted lawyer!

What’s true is that there is someone out there who is more twisted than all those other occupations combined.

Your dentist.

Dental professionals are, hands down, the most twisted of all professional groups. But here’s the catch–them being “twisted” has nothing to do with their business practices. Far from it, actually. Dentists aren’t twisted! They aren’t corrupt! But what they are is physically twisted, as in “rotated.” And because of that, they are in some SERIOUS pain.

As a company, we present multiple times each year to dentists from all over the world, which results in us working with hundreds of dentists and hygienists in our clinics every year. Regardless of where I’m speaking, one thing remains the same: When I’m talking to dental professionals, across all of those seminars and appointments, they are ALL rotated. They either present with torso rotation, pelvic rotation, or both! The all look like this:

Condition 2 Side View

When working with dentists, I can almost always guess which side of the patient they’re on when they are working. Typically, dentists and hygienists are seated and flexed in their thoracic back with their torso rotated toward the patient. A right-handed practitioner will sit on the patient’s right side while rotating their body from right to left. The left-handed practitioner will sit on the patient’s left side and rotate their body from left to right. For the vast majority of their day, and therefore, their career, they spend their time like this:


Notice the upper body flexion, rotation, and even a little bit of a lean to his right? This dentist is spending hours, upon hours, upon hours in the same position. His muscles are learning to work in this position, to stabilize him in this position, and the pain begins to set in!

As a result, when this dentist stands up, he stays in this position. That’s right, even standing, he keeps his compromised posture. He remains flexed and rotated. And the pain begins to creep into other aspects of his life. Not only does he hurt when sitting but also as he plays with his kids, goes to the gym, and tries to hit a golf ball.

Pain has taken over, and it’s all because he’s twisted. He is out of balance and out of alignment. His posture is “off,” and his body is alerting him to that fact.

In order to restore balance to his body and eliminate his pain, he has to address the system as a whole. And, you do, too! It’s crucial that we counteract everything our bodies are doing that takes us away from function and balance. The sedentary nature of our lives is wreaking havoc on our bodies, but it’s doesn’t have to be that way! Take action today!

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