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A lot of folks think that Egoscue anti-surgery, but that actually isn’t true. While we talk with clients on a daily basis who are working with us in an attempt to avoid surgery, many clients are either set on having it or are coming in after already having it.

Today, I want to touch on those of you who fall into one of the latter categories: Either you have decided on having surgery or you have already had it.

Let’s start with the first group of folks who have surgery scheduled. If you fall in that category, it’s imperative that you get yourself as functional as you possibly can prior to laying on the operating table. The more functional you are going to the table, the more functional you are coming off the table. If your body is better balanced and moving more efficiently prior to surgery, it stands to reason that it will also be better balanced and moving efficiently after surgery. It’s crucial to remember that the operation is taking care of the effect, but you still need to address the underlying reason behind why you needed surgery in the first place! Think about it this way — If you need a new tire on your car and your mechanic only swaps the old tire for a new one, while ignoring the misalignment and imbalance that caused the tire to go bald in the first place, you’d be pretty upset with him. Your gut instinct tells you that you’re going to be back in his shop six months later either dealing with the same issue on the same tire, or the same issue on a different tire.

That’s why setting yourself up for success prior to surgery is so important. You get to be your own mechanic! You get to make sure your alignment is exactly where it needs to be so your new tire doesn’t go bald again!

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 What about the other group I mentioned? Let’s say you had the surgery done and your pain is gone! Yes! Life is good…right?


Um, maybe. But what if you’ve had surgery yet you’re wondering if Egoscue is still beneficial for you. Or, what if the pain isn’t actually gone? What if you know that something just isn’t quite right with your body? Your gut instinct is telling you that you have a new tire, but you’re still misaligned.

Trust me, we see clients daily who have gone under the knife and are not only still in pain at the surgical site but often times hurting somewhere else. Honestly, it’s a little unsettling just how common that is! But if you refer to my analogy from above, you’ll understand why they (or you!) are still in pain:

It’s pretty simple: The tire got replaced (the effect) but the misalignment was ignored (the cause).

Whether you have had a joint replacement, a fusion, an “exploratory surgery” (those are my favorite!), or a debridement procedure, there is still a need to address the misalignments and compensations that are present in your body. Actually, once someone has had surgery, I believe it’s now more important than ever that the load joints (shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles) and spine are functioning as best they can.

It’s important to remember that the joint got replaced but the muscles surrounding the joint didn’t. We often forget that the muscles are the driving force of the body. Simply put, muscles tell your bones what to do. If you’re still in pain after surgery, that’s the reason why. Think about it: New tire, old alignment.

That’s where Egoscue comes in.

Think of Egoscue as your mechanic with you being the mechanic’s apprentice. We’re here to determine what the problem is, to get to the root cause, and then teach you how to fix it. We want to put control of your health back in your hands so that you know exactly what to do if and when the pain rears its head again. We want to give you the tools you need to not only get pain free but stay pain free, becoming proactive about your health rather than reactive.

So, if this post has hit home with you, if you’re in one of the groups I’ve mentioned, there’s hope for you! Know that you’re not alone, and in fact, there are countless others who are experiencing the exact same thing you are.

If you’re ready to become the mechanic, we’re hear to teach you. You really CAN regain control of your health! Contact us today!

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