Action Erases Fear

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I talk with clients on a daily basis who are in pain. Some are dealing with chronic issues that have negatively impacted their lives for decades. Others are dealing with acute symptoms that are relatively new, yet inhibiting their daily lives. Both groups can no longer enjoy life as it’s intended. Sadly, neither group is truly living.

They often talk about how depressed they are. They express frustration with what they’re no longer able to physically do. They are fed up with their life that isn’t being truly lived. They know they’re merely existing, and it’s driving them crazy. And, when I converse with these clients, not only do I hear their current state of “existence” coming through loud and clear, there’s something else I hear.


They’re scared.

You’re scared.

Heck, I was scared.

Pain is a very real, very scary thing, especially when your pain gets a label attached to it. Terms like degeneration, irreparable, surgery, disease, and ankylosing spondylitis can push you to a level of fear that, thankfully, isn’t normally reached on a daily basis. When your health practitioner uttered those words, you thought you heard them, but what you really heard was more along the lines of “this is your health destiny,” “life is over,” and “this is a death sentence.”

Be honest: You. Freaked. Out.

But the good news is that I don’t freak out when I hear those words. What I hear when clients relay the info to me from their health practitioner sound more like “perfection,” “by design,” and “flawless.” Everything that is currently happening in your body is happening by design! If your disc wasn’t designed to herniate, it wouldn’t. If your hip wasn’t designed to degenerate, it wouldn’t. If your shoulder wasn’t designed to freeze, it wouldn’t.

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Your body isn’t broken. Things that degenerate can regenerate. What was once considered “old” can be made new again.

But these things can only happen when you take action! Remember the definition of insanity? It’s doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. In order to eliminate your pain, you can no longer afford to keep doing what you’ve been doing. The sedentary lifestyle and decreased body function that got you into your current conditions have to change. Only when you restore function to your body, allowing you to finally get up and MOVE, can you expect change.

I know it’s scary, but take that first step. Take action. Because what I know to be true is this: Action eliminates fear.

Every time.

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