Stephen Jepson is STILL on the Playground

Are you old?

If you answered “yes” to that question, I have another question for you.

How do you know you’re old?

I’ll suggest that the only reason you know you’re old is because you believe you’re old.

After all, the ONLY part of your body that knows how old it is is your mind. Your knees don’t know how old they are. Your hips don’t know. Your right shoulder doesn’t know. The discs of your lumbar spine doesn’t know their age.

Your physical body has ZERO concept of chronological age.

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I’ve told you time and again that age has nothing to do with chronic pain or your physical abilities. Yet, I know there are still some of you reading this who just don’t believe me. But, that’s ok. You don’t have to take MY word for it.

Instead, I’ll encourage you to take Stephen Jepson’s word for it. If you’re wondering just who Stephen Jepson is, he’s the founder of

Oh, and he doesn’t buy the whole “old age” thing.

I blogged about him back in 2012, and I’d encourage you to read that post and watch his video. It’s inspiring, to say the least!

Well, guess what? He’s baaaaaaack!

Just this week he posted a video about the latest addition to his adult jungle gym. I have to admit…I’m impressed! I’m not sure I could do what he’s doing in this video. Take a look!

Stephen Jepson

This guy is my favorite! I’d love to meet him and “play” on his homemade jungle gym! Wouldn’t you?

If you still don’t believe me that age isn’t the determining factor in your physical health, let’s schedule a consult either in-person or via Skype and get to the root cause of what’s truly causing your pain!

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QUESTION: What was your favorite part of the Stephen Jepson videos?