Chronic Pain Myth: You Hurt Because You’re FAT

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The last two weeks I have written about common “myths” that are often attributed to causing chronic pain. If you haven’t read them, check them out:

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Today I’m tackling a myth that we hear our clients talking about almost daily in the clinic. Often times they’re told:

weight“Just lose 30 pounds and you’ll be MUCH better off.”

Anyone ever heard that one?

If you’re like the majority of clients then you have. As if chronic pain isn’t depressing and aggravating enough, to hear “You’re fat!” adds insult to injury (quite literally for some of you).

But here’s the deal: Your pain has nothing to do with how overweight you are.

Think about it: If you have knee pain, and your weight is to blame, then how fat is the other knee? Or if that herniated disc at L4/L5 herniated because of weight gain, why didn’t your weight impact L3/L4, or L5/S1? Or, how is it possible that you weigh 175 pounds and have a bad hip but someone who weighs 200 pounds doesn’t?

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Simply put, we have to STOP blaming pain on weight. When we take a step back and really analyze what we have been told, it just doesn’t make sense! And, believe me, I have talked to countless clients who lost the weight, but not the pain!

But what about those of you who, when you did lose the 30 pounds suggested by your physician, felt better? If you’re in that group, it’s important that we stay focused on what you did to lose the weight. I’m sure many of you changed your diet, which was a crucial step in the process. But, I’m sure many of you also started working out, started moving more!

It wasn’t the weight loss that eased your pain as much as it was the movement. By moving more, you began to reset your body. You placed a positive stimulus on your body, and it responded accordingly! You actually got your hips working again, and when that happens, there’s a positive domino-effect throughout the rest of the body. Your shoulders, knees, ankles, and spine ALL started working better. And, voilá, your function and posture improved. In the end, as your posture improved, your pain decreased (or was eliminated all together). Yes, you lost weight, but the key was that you also got moving and got functional.

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It’s also important that we remember those “skinny” folks who are in pain. I came to this Method as a 14 year old with a bulging disc, and I think I weighed 125 pounds soaking wet. My pain had nothing to do with how much I weighed, and neither does yours!

So, let’s stop blaming how much you weigh, and start focusing on how your body is functioning (or, more importantly, not functioning). It doesn’t matter if you have 20 pounds, 30 pounds, 100 pounds…or ZERO pounds to lose. We simply have to get your body balanced and moving functionally again!

QUESTION: What have you been led to believe is causing your pain?