Chronic Pain Myth: You Just THINK You Hurt

Last week I started a series on chronic pain myths. If you missed last week’s post, “Chronic Pain Myth: You’ll Always Have Pain,” click on over there and give it a read (then share it on Facebook and Twitter if you don’t mind). When you’re finished reading the first installment, come on back and check out today’s installment.

Chronic Pain Myth

Now, tell me if this sounds familiar: Your knee (you can substitute a different body part if you’d like) is killing you. You don’t remember really doing anything to it, but you noticed that it started feeling “weird” the other day. You ice it, stretch it, anti-inflame it, and wear a brace for a few days, with little-to-no-change in your pain level.

The pain is, no doubt, driving you crazy, and you’re convinced that it’s starting to play tricks with your mind.

Maybe it’s getting better?

Then again, maybe it’s not?

Is the pain really there, or am I just getting used to it?

The thoughts swirl in your mind day after day.

Fearful of what will come, you finally concede and head off to the doctor’s office in search answers. The doc orders an MRI, you have it done, and then play the waiting game for a couple of days while someone reads what will certainly be your death sentence. The results can’t come soon enough!

FINALLY, after two days, the phone rings–You’ll have your answer in a matter of moments!

You’re ready, waiting with baited breath, only to hear, “Well, Mr. Smith, your MRI results came back…and I have some good news. There’s nothing wrong with your knee!

Has anyone else wanted to jump through the phone when that happened? I know a LOT of our clients have!


Inside you’re screaming, “Uh…excuse me? What do you MEAN there’s nothing wrong with my knee? My knee is killing me. You’re telling me there’s nothing wrong. You didn’t find a single thing out of place, yet I’m in agony? And I’m supposed to interpret that as good news?”

Nothing is torn.

Nothing needs fixing.

Nothing needs to be replaced.


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I’m sure that scenario is ringing true to several of you, and if you’ve been there, you KNOW how frustrating it can be. You only thought you were going crazy before. Now you’re convinced you’re headed for a straight jacket. If there’s nothing wrong with your knee, then how could it hurt? You’re left wondering if your pain is all in your head.

Now, this next statement might anger you. It might make you want to stop reading, but I hope you’ll continue to the end. But here’s the deal:

I think your doc is 100% correct.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your knee! I think what is happening is by design, and your knee is reacting perfectly. I think your knee is giving you a signal that something else, somewhere up kinetic chain (I’m looking at you, hip joint) is “off.” And, the fact that nothing is torn, nothing needs fixing, or nothing needs replacing is a GREAT thing. Your knee is simply alerting you to the fact that it’s being asked to do a job that it isn’t designed to do.

Simply put, it’s overworked and underpaid.

The knee is succumbing to undue stress and pressure, and it’s giving you feedback. And when you get the hips functioning correctly, the knee pain will disappear, and so will your fear about it! Honestly, it’s just that simple. Remember that the knee bone’s connected to the hip bone!

When you get the body realigned and stacked up on itself, the pressure on the knee is alleviated. It goes back to doing its intended job. The pain is gone, the sky is blue, the birds are chirping, and all is right in the world.

And the BEST news? You aren’t crazy! This isn’t just all in your head. You were just looking in the wrong place for the answers. Rarely is the site of the pain the source of your pain.

We see clients on a weekly basis who are searching for answers, and it’s fun to be part of the process that teaches them that their own body is the answer. They don’t need anything external of themselves, and neither do you. Nothing needs to be fixed, replaced, or braced. We simply need to listen to the body and work to bring it back to balanced.

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