Chronic Pain Myth: You’ll Always Have Pain

Pain Myth

How many of you have been told that your current condition is your “forever” condition? Perhaps you have heard one of the following statements (or something very similar!):

“Unfortunately, people with your condition don’t often improve.”

“This is just the way your life will be from now on.”

“You’re out of options.”

For those of you who have heard a statements similar to those, I have another question for you: Have you believed what you have been told?

I’m here today to tell you there is a HUGE difference between what you have been told and what you believe. Often times, you’re told that the body just isn’t enough, and it’s not capable of healing itself. Fortunately, that’s just not the case. Trust me, I’ve seen differently in my clients’ lives. And, personally, I’ve experienced differently in my own life.

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The body, given the chance, has an AMAZING ability to heal itself. It possesses incredible regenerative and restorative capabilities, and it wants to heal. Did you know that every:

-5 days you get a new stomach lining

-30 days you get new skin

-45 days you get a new liver

-49 days you get a new bladder

-90 days you get a new skeleton

Now you do you still believe your condition is permanent? How quickly we forget that the vast majority of diagnoses are changeable conditions. Your scoliosis, degenerative hip, torn meniscus, plantar fasciitis, spinal stenosis, and frozen shoulder are NOT “forever” conditions. The aren’t permanent. They are signals. Those conditions are alerting you to the fact that you’re out of balance. But the good news is that your body is in a constant state of renewal and can return to a balanced state in no time at all! Here’s what Pete Egoscue says about renewal in his book, Pain Free:

The body is organic; therefore, it is in a constant state of growth or rebirth. Muscles, bones, nerves, connective tissues, cartilage, and the like are all alive. If the body is not renewing, it is because we are violating the laws of physical health. The more laws we violate, the faster we age and die.

Did you catch that?


Yes, that’s right…just like Frankenstein…it’s alive!

Your body is a living, breathing organism, and it’s high time we started thinking of it as such.

When trying to make sense of what you’ve been told about your condition, it’s imperative that you understand the body’s regenerative capabilities. Again, there’s a difference between what we’re told and what we actually believe. It’s time we start believing the truth about the body.

Are you now questioning what you have been told about your condition?

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QUESTION: What have you been told about your current condition?