Draw a Line

While I typically write a lead-in to my blog posts, I think this video speaks for itself. Take a few minutes and listen to “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell as he recounts his experiences surrounding the mission that inspired the movie, as well as life as a SEAL (click the picture to open the video in a new window).


Marcus Luttrell


For me, the most powerful line was when Luttrell talked about drawing a line in the ground. It certainly put my own chronic pain in perspective. He was paralyzed yet crawled seven miles to get help. He was determined. He set a goal and reached it again and again. He wasn’t going to give up. He knew that help might be just around the corner.

Are you that determined to eliminate your pain? Because you can do the same thing Luttrell did. Draw a line in the sand. Start today. Get moving and keep moving!

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QUESTION: What was your favorite takeaway from what Luttrell said?