Golfers: Breathe Better, Play Better

Breathe better, play better? REALLY?

While that might seem like an odd title, an odd connection to make, it’s 100% accurate. If you’re a golfer (or anyone who is active, for that matter), you’ll perform better if you breathe better.

That’s right–rather than focusing so much on your swing mechanics, focus on the body mechanics coming to the swing, specifically, your diaphragm and your ability to truly breathe.

Take a look at the diaphragm (the dome-shaped muscle in the middle of the picture):


Notice how it attaches to the rib cage, thoracic spine, and to the pelvis via the psoas? Now, think about all the moving parts of a golf swing: the forward hinge at the hips, the spinal rotation, the external rotation of the back shoulder at the peak of the takeaway, the pelvic stability required, the sequencing of it all, etc.

Think your diaphragm isn’t important?

Think your ability to breath properly isn’t important?

Personally, I don’t think you can approach your golf swing without ensuring properly breathing and diaphragm function. It’s literally in the middle of it all. The swing quite-literally revolves around the diaphragm.

Recently, Egoscue VP Brian Bradley and golf instructor Roger Fredericks took the stage at the World Golf Fitness Summit to talk about this exact thing. No longer is the approach to the golf swing simply “practice, practice, practice.” There’s a paradigm shift happening. When breathing is becoming a focal point of the golf community, you know the times are changing.

If you’re looking to get your diaphragm functioning better, and therefore, improve your golf swing, take a minute and download our Four Free E-cises today. When you go through them, spend some extra time in the Static Back position. Focus on your breathing, and specifically, try to get your ribs and waistline moving laterally when you inhale, rather than your shoulders elevating toward your ears. It might take some time to get the motion, but eventually the diaphragm will remember exactly what it needs to do.

Now is the perfect time to get your body right and to improve your diaphragm function. The weather is turning cold, you won’t be out playing and practicing as much, and you can turn your attention to the body that will be coming to the swing the next time you pick up your clubs!

QUESTION: Stand in front of a mirror and take a deep breath. When you do that, do your shoulders stay level or do the elevate?