Robert Griffin III: Injury Prone or Dysfunctional?


It has been a week since Washington Redskins’ quarterback, Robert Griffin III, dislocated his left ankle on a throw against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but I wanted to weigh in on the issue.

Many folks are saying that RG3 is “injury prone,” but I just don’t buy it. Yes, it’s true that he has had multiple injures throughout his collegiate and professional career, but I think the good people evaluating him are overlooking one glaring piece of the puzzle. While most of them have been focused on the site of the injury–the ACL and LCL in the past, and his dislocated ankle most recently–I’m focusing on what I see after watching only 30 seconds of this video:

His left hip isn’t doing a dang thing!

He’s squatting an incredible amount of weight and basically only using his right side, especially on his way up out of the squat.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Watch it again if you need to. As he squats, notice that his left hip elevates and rotates back in order to get out of doing any work. Simply put, it can’t load properly, and a chain-reaction is set in motion: His right side is becoming overloaded and screaming for help, and as a result, he tore the ACL and LCL in his right knee. The right knee injury initially happened when he was at Baylor, but he injured it again in 2013.

While the right side is screaming for help, his left side is completely disconnected. As a result, the hip, knee, and ankle aren’t functioning together as a unit. When RG3 tried to push off his left leg (while running to the right) to get into position to throw, his left ankle basically said, “Uh…not today,” and it dislocated. There was such a breakdown in the chain-link of joints (hip-to-knee-to-ankle) that his body could no longer hold up under the stress. He was asking his body to do something that it functionally couldn’t do. As a result, his ankle is now in a cast for 6-8 weeks, and his season could be in jeopardy.

Yet the cool thing, is that his body reacted perfectly. Yep, you read that correctly. His body reacted perfectly. I don’t look at his dislocated ankle as a bad thing, although you Redskins fans might not agree. I look at it as an opportunity. RG3 now has the chance to get functional, get balanced, and then get stronger, and return to the field a better quarterback than when he left it a week ago.

And, yes, I believe his body (his left hip isn’t the only issue at play here) can change in the next 6-8 weeks while he is rehabbing his ankle.

RG3, PLEASE get that left hip functioning properly. If that doesn’t happen, you are another injury waiting to happen, and I fear the next one could be career-ending.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the RG3 injury?