The Unexplainable Improvement

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I HAVE to share an email I received from a client last week. It made me so happy to read about her progress! I’ve known Nicole for years now but only recently started working with her. Wait until you read what her doctor’s office said!

Hi John!

I am still at it daily with my e-cises. I wanted to share a quick story with you from my follow-up appointment with my back doctor this week. It was my 6-month check up from my shots last December. After reviewing my MRI, his PA came into my room and went over their ‘next steps’ they would like to recommend. I explained to her that my pain was manageable and that I was not really looking to have further treatment at this time. She explained that the size of my disc that slipped is so large, and with the proximity to my sciatic nerve, they are not sure how I can function. She also pointed out arthritis between L2, L3 – L3, L4 – L4, L5 as contributing factors. Apparently, the fact that I can hop in the car, drive to their office, and walk in to my appointment is unexplainable to them. She said most people with my physical circumstances would be on disability and have difficulty even walking until surgery was performed to remove the portion of the disc that was not where it is supposed to be. She recommended I get nerve testing for a nerve block and follow-up with a surgeon sooner than later. I told her that I was doing stretches and specific movements through an Egoscue clinic, using my essential oils, and praying for continued healing and the strength to work through this every day. She countered that nothing I just stated would explain my high level functioning, with everything that is going on in my lumbar spine. So I just smiled nicely and told her it is working for me and that I don’t really require an answer as to why that is. While I was disappointed in finding out about the arthritis, that was new news, I am overcome with thankfulness in regards to your help in achieving this. And I really don’t mind being ‘unexplainable’ – it wouldn’t be the first time!! 🙂

Have a great day and thank you again!!


This is one of my favorite emails, EVER. I love that the PA stated that “nothing” would explain why Nicole is moving around and NOT on disability! What a great testament to Nicole’s decision to not accept her current condition as her health destiny. An earlier message from Nicole stated that she was getting ready to go on a bike ride with her son, something she hadn’t done in years. While I think it’s cool that she’s “unexplainable,” I’m more excited for her to be getting her life back: jumping in the car, sitting without pain, riding bikes with her son. She’s actually living again!

I’m so proud that Nicole, who has battled this issue for years, trusted the process and got herself out of pain. She got her life back. It wasn’t me giving it to her. She knew it was finally time to take responsibility and take action, and that’s exactly what she did. Way to go, Nicole! Keep up the great work!

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