Pregnancy Pain Exercises



Ok, moms…it’s time to give you credit (and give a little help to you expecting-moms)! Childbirth is, hands-down, one of the most difficult things a woman’s body will ever go through. From just getting pregnant, to carrying the baby for 40 weeks, to the delivery process, it’s a continual journey on an up-and-down road. I’ve always said that any woman who delivers a baby is WAY tougher than me. And for those of you who have delivered more than one? You’re so far out of my league it’s not even funny!

Kudos to you all who have done it. For those of you who haven’t experienced childbirth, I don’t want to scare you away from it. It’s not something that is to be feared. In my opinion, it’s one of the coolest things your body will ever experience. It’s fascinating to me how the body works, how it prepares for delivery, and how it gets through the delivery process.

That being said, musculoskeletal dysfunction can wreak havoc on a pregnant woman (or non-pregnant woman, for that matter). Most of you go from being very sedentary (with your deep stabilizing/pelvic muscles lying dormant), to being pregnant (which requires an extreme amount of pelvic function), in about as much time as it takes a Ferrari to reach 60 MPH. While some women can handle that jump, most women comment that they’re “having a difficult pregnancy,” end up on bed rest, or battle low back or sciatica pain throughout most of the gestation period. Some of you have fought all of those things…and more.

So today, I want to put some tools in your tool belt. I want to give you some e-cises that are suggested by Pete Egoscue in Pain Free for Women and also my wife, Carrie, who has been through 3 full-term pregnancies as well as one early miscarriage. The following e-cises will help balance out your pelvis, get the proper muscles working at the proper time to support and stabilize you, can be done at any point during the gestation process, and will keep you pain at bay! Be sure to do them daily, and follow them in order. If you have pain during an e-cise, simply eliminate it from the routine.

QUESTION: What felt different after doing this e-cise menu?