Betting vs. Investing

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I was listening to an interview with author Simon Sinek the other day when he said something that struck me. He was talking about the business world and specifically, discussing company stocks that have performed steadily over their existence. He discussed how, when deciding where to invest our money we often times hope and “bet” that a company will succeed, rather than “investing” in companies that have a proven track record of success.

Or course, I immediately made the comparison to our clients and the body. Too often (almost daily), I talk to clients who have “tried everything.” They’ve done multiple modalities, some have had multiple surgeries, all are at their wit’s end. All this time, they’ve been “betting” that something, anything will work for them. Most of the time they have bet on an outside entity–someone else to do the work, a brace to stabilize, a pill or perhaps even a new joint to numb the pain.

However, instead of betting on something external of themselves, they should have been “investing” in what they’ve already known will fix the problem–their own body, and their innate wisdom about what needs to happen to eliminate their pain. There’s a proven track-record that the body heals itself.

Think about it this way, if you cut your arm, it doesn’t stay cut. If you break your leg, it doesn’t stay broken. Deep down, you know what needs to happen. You know your neck pain and your knee pain are connected. You know your body is twisted and misaligned. You know what the answer is. Perhaps you don’t know where to turn for the answer, but all the while, you’ve known what it takes to get pain free.

To relate it back to Simon Sinek’s comments, just like those businesses that have performed steadily, your body has performed steadily over its existence. It’s designed to run, jump, climb, skip and hop–all pain free (and you can remember a time when you were able to do all those things pain free!). It’s designed to twist, bend, squat, and lift–again, all pain free. I’d imagine you can remember doing those things free of pain and limitations as well. When the body can’t accomplish those things pain free, it tells you. You get a very clear signal that’s alerting you to the fact that you’re out of balance and that something’s off.

Let me be clear: Pain doesn’t mean you’re broken. Quite the opposite, in fact. Again, your body is performing steadily, and exactly like it should. Your hip is designed to degenerate, your disc is designed to herniate, and your meniscus is designed to tear. If these things weren’t designed to happen, they wouldn’t. It’s as simple as that. How quickly we stop trusting our perfectly designed body! We can’t lose sight of the fact that it’s a steadily performing machine. You don’t need to rely on an outside source to “fix” it. Instead, trust your instincts, listen to it, and “invest” in what you already know to be true.

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QUESTION: What do you believe is causing your pain? (That’s a very different thing than what you’ve been told!)