Resting an Injury

Injury rest

How many of you, when injured or in pain, have taken some time off from your desired activity? I’m sure you have. Heck, I have. It makes sense, right?

If _____ hurts, then if you stop doing _____ you won’t hurt.

Common sense if you ask most folks.

However, it makes no sense if you ask me (Even though I’ve done it!).

Almost daily I talk to new clients who have been told that they need to rest their pain or injury in order for it to go away. But, let’s think about that for a second. Let’s compare this situation to a problem that you have with your car. Let’s say your “Check Engine” light comes on or your brakes are squeaking. Naturally, you take your car to the mechanic, but what if instead of fixing it, he suggests that you simply don’t drive it?

“Just park it in your driveway for a couple weeks and you should be fine,” he says.

Uh…excuse me? That “Check Engine” light will magically disappear if I “rest” my car? Yeah….I don’t think so.

When dealing with a car issue, common sense takes over. Something needs to be done about the problem. There’s a very necessary action step that needs to be taken. The same is true with chronic pain. Just like your “Check Engine” light, pain is a signal alerting you to the fact that something isn’t right. We can’t sit back and rest it, hoping that it will go away. You have to take action.

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QUESTION: What was your gut reaction when you were told to “rest” to alleviate your pain?