Your Best Summer Ever With Egoscue

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Who’s ready to have a breakthrough summer?

Who believes that it would be physically impossible to have a breakthrough summer?

You’re in too much pain.

You’re convinced you’ll always be in pain.

This summer, I want that to change! This summer, I want you to regain control of your health. I want you to eliminate your pain. Get rid of your limitations. Erase all hesitations.

Make this your BEST SUMMER EVER!

To get you to that point, I want to make you aware of a few things we’re doing here at Egoscue Nashville this summer.


First of all, we’re kicking off FUNCTION FRIDAY!

Starting June 6th at 8:00 AM, and every Friday through July (except Friday, July 4th), we’ll be giving your weekend a kick-start! Join us for an amazing, functional workout that will get your body moving like it’s designed to, and like it hasn’t in a long time!

We’ll start each Function Friday with an Egoscue warm-up routine before starting the Patch workout. Workouts can be done at your own pace and don’t require you to be an athlete! So, come one, come all, bring your kids (we’ll have things for them to do as well), and bring a friend!


We’re also bringing you Christmas in July!

This July we’ll be giving away one item or service each week that will make your Egoscue experience incredible! We’ll be posting each giveaway on our Facebook page and on Twitter, so be sure to follow those pages. Don’t miss out on some cool things we’ll be giving away!


Finally, this summer we’ll be highlighting YOU!

That’s right! Each week this summer, we will be sharing your stories. You’ll be hearing from some our clients who have suffered from back pain, migraines, knee pain–you name it, they’ve battled it–and they’ve all found relief from Egoscue.


So get ready folks, you’re about to have your BEST SUMMER EVER!