Egoscue Didn’t Invent “Good Posture”

I know it probably goes without saying, but Egoscue didn’t invent proper alignment and good posture. He wasn’t the first person to suggest how important it is, and he wasn’t the originator of the thinking that all the systems of the body are connected.

Obviously, we all know that proper alignment has been around forever.

Check out this video from the 1950s. I love that we used to actually teach proper posture in school! Young kids were taught from a very young age how to sit properly, how to stand correctly, and how to walk with efficiency.

Take a few minutes and watch this video for yourself. It’s cool to see what was suggested for improving one’s posture.

Here are some of my highlights:

1:24 – “Here’s Tom, stiff as a ramrod.” Oh, poor Tom!

1:35 – “Suzie slouches, and thereby instead of appearing as an alert, friendly young lady, she seems tired all the time.” Poor Suzie!

1:45 – “Some of these posture faults go back to our kindergarten days and before.” This is SO true! Clients ask me all the time, “How long have I been like this?”

2:45 – I love seeing these group fitness classes!

3:25 – “Bad posture is continuous, meaning you can’t work well or enjoy playing your favorite sport.” True, again.

4:39 – “Without poise, no one can be really effective.” Sad, but true.

5:00 – “And you men, relax. Remember the straight line of balanced posture. Don’t slump, but don’t be a ramrod, either!” Like Tom!

5:10 – “People with good posture enjoy life.” I have to agree. Good posture means you’re pain free and also free of limitations and hesitations.

6:23 – Again, check out the group fitness activities. The only time I see groups this large doing things together is in a flash mob.

6:36 – Regarding group exercise: “The emphasis is on fresh air, mass rhythms, and interpretive dances, which call into play all the muscles and bones functioning together for good posture.”

7:00 – “Remember, if you want to have fun, if you want to really enjoy life, practice good posture.” No truer words have ever been spoken!

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Posture Video - 1950s

So, get out there and enjoy life, kids! But, remember, you have to have good posture! If you’re wanting to improve your posture, eliminate your pain, and feel better all the way around, download our Four Free E-cises to jump-start your way to optimum health!

QUESTION: What was YOUR favorite part of this video?