The “Mom” Mentality

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

Isn’t it great that we get to set aside a day for the moms in our life who have done so much for us, and for our children? If your mom is anything like my mom, or your wife anything like my wife, then you know that a mother’s job is one of constant sacrifice. They are continually putting the needs of everyone else in front of their own. They push what they need to do, or what they’d like to do, to the back burner, so that others are taken care of first.

Busy-MomSound familiar?

I’d guess, with almost 100% certainty, that this sounds like a mom in your life.

When it comes to chronic pain, a lot of us do the same thing, and I bet a lot of you can relate to this mindset, even if you aren’t a mom. You hurt, but you ignore it. You sacrifice yourself so that others are taken care of. There’s just too much to do, and you don’t have time to be “injured.” You do for others way before you ever do anything for yourself. You’ve fallen victim to what I call “The ‘Mom’ Mentality.”

I’m not a mom, yet I’ve fallen victim to it, pushing my needs to the back burner so that the needs of others are met. Sometimes it’s for my family, other times our clients, or my colleagues. My hip hurts, yet I push through. My back is tight, yet I ignore it for the time being.

There’s too much to do.

Others require my time and energy.

I’ll get to it later.

While this mindset is common, I believe it’s extremely dangerous, specifically when dealing with chronic pain. Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something isn’t quite right. It’s a siren. A signal. A little red flag waving.

If you ignore the initial red flag, the next signal will be louder, bigger, and longer. If you ignore that one, there will be another one coming behind it. Again, it’ll be louder, bigger, and longer than its predecessor. And if you ignore enough red flags, sooner or later, the body will wave a white flag. It’ll simply give up. The disc will herniate. The hip will degenerate. The meniscus will tear.

Yes, “The ‘Mom’ Mentality” is dangerous. It’s bad for your health. When we see those moms in our life pushing themselves too hard in other areas of their life, we demand the stop, they teak a break, they pay themselves first. We all hate seeing them go, go, go until they drop.

Why are you letting those you love do it with their chronic pain issues? Why are you doing it to yourself when you hurt? I’m guilty of doing it. I’m also guilty of seeing those I love do it to themselves. We have to stop the cycle! Will you agree to take 15 minutes today to pay yourself first? If you have an Egoscue menu already, set aside a specific time today to do it. If you don’t have an Egoscue menu, but you’d like to try a short one, you can download our Four Free E-cises right now.

Don’t fall victim to “The ‘Mom’ Mentality”! Your body will thank you for it!