The Empowerment of Egoscue

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I got invited to speak at Studio 3 Fitness last night by my friend, client, and Studio 3 co-owner, Calie Shackleford, and I had SUCH a great time! The group was fantastic–very interactive, asked great questions, and started to understand the Egoscue way of thinking. As most of you know, we believe that there is a cause and effect relationship with the body. While you might have knee pain, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the knee is to blame for the pain. The cause of the pain is, the vast majority of the time, somewhere other than the knee itself. Simply put, rarely is the site of the pain the source of the pain. I could tell that for the ladies in the seminar last night, that concept really made sense.

I asked Calie to talk about her Egoscue experience, and she said something that I found incredible wise. She said, “I haven’t seen John for an appointment in years, because when I start to hurt, I know exactly what to do. I pull my Egoscue menus and do what I need to do. I’m proactive now.”

That comment stopped me in my tracks. I loved it.

Let me rephrase that: I LOVED it!

I loved it, because that is exactly what we’re trying to create at Egoscue. That’s the mindset we want. We don’t want you to be dependent on a person or a machine to get pain free. You can do Egoscue anytime, anywhere. We want to put the power in your hands. We want return control of your health back to you.

What a novel concept, huh?

So, congrats to you, Calie. You’ve done it! You have taken back control of your health. THAT, friends, is the empowerment of Egoscue.

QUESTION: Who or what is controlling your health?