Fighting Against Yourself

While I was getting ready for work yesterday morning, my 4-year-old quickly called me into the bedroom.

“Dad! Come look at THIS!” He said with quite-literally every once of excitement and energy he could muster.

Bird fight

Not the ACTUAL bird. This is a DIFFERENT stupid bird.

What he was showing me was a bird, a robin to be exact, crazily flapping his wings while repeatedly flying into the glass patio door in our bedroom. My son was CRACKING UP that this (stupid) bird was throwing and banging himself against the window! And, honestly, so was I! I mean, come on, it was funny!

I could see the gears turning in my son’s head, and after watching the robin for a while, my son asked me why that bird was doing that. I explained that the bird was most likely seeing his own reflection in the glass and, thinking it was another bird, fighting for survival. Only, instead of fighting an actual bird, he was fighting against himself.

And, so all day yesterday, I kept thinking about that phrase, fighting against himself.

The more I’ve thought about it, more I believe the same can be said for many of us who have dealt with chronic pain. In a similar way to that robin and his unfortunate start to his week, we’re fighting ourselves. We’re fighting our instincts. Fighting what we know to be true about our body. Fighting what we believe to be the cause of our pain.

It’s easy to forget that there’s always a reason why you hurt. And, I’d bet big money that you know exactly you have pain. No, I’m not talking about the degenerative hip or the herniated disc. I’m talking about why those conditions are present. I know that YOU know why you’re in pain, and the reason I know is because I hear it from folks just like yourself on a daily basis. One client who was dealing with plantar fasciitis and could tell when her foot was about to flair up because she could feel her shoulder was out of alignment. She knew the two were connected, and if she focused on changing her shoulder position, her plantar fasciitis was a non-issue.

She stopped fighting herself. She trusted her instincts. She knew what was true about her body.

Pledge today to stop fighting yourself. Give yourself the credit you’re due. You know WAY more about your body than anyone ever will. Give your body a chance to be heard, and then–and most importantly–listen to it. You’ll save yourself a lot of pain and suffering.

QUESTION: What are you fighting with yourself about?