Things We Love: Lems Shoes

We’ve had a fantastic month of giveaways! Today is the LAST CHANCE for you to win one of the “Things We Love”! Don’t miss this one…

Today’s giveaway is compliments of Lems Shoes. These guys are awesome, and their shoes are incredible. For those of you who like comfortable footwear, look no further. If you like wearing incredibly uncomfortable shoes, then this isn’t the giveaway for you. Move along…nothing to see here.

The guys at Lems have created, what I believe, to be the most comfortable shoe on the market, and I’ve tried a LOT of them. From Lems to the Nike Free to Vibram FiveFingers to New Balance Minimus to the Merrill Trail Glove, I have worn many makes and models of barefoot shoes. For my money, Lems beats them all. Check out how they got started:

After years of searching, I had almost given up on finding the shoe I was looking for.  To me it was simple: shoes should be flat, and fit the natural shape of the foot, allowing movement without any constraint or restriction.  In 2008, with no prior experience in shoe-making, I began to teach myself shoe design.  My adventure began by fitting and selling shoes at a local store.  In my spare time, I dissected and analyzed shoes by cutting them in half and studying how they were built.  I quickly realized shoe companies often ignored many aspects that I felt were mandatory in proper fitting footwear.

I decided that in order to create a shoe I was satisfied with, I had to start from the ground up.  The goal of developing a shoe that would mimic the natural shape of the foot became my motivator for every step of the design process.  After dozens of prototypes, hours of research, and constant dedication to proper footwear, Lems Shoes was finally in business, selling our first pair of Lems in September of 2011.  Although there is much work to do, my #1 priority is and always will be the design and development of each Lems Shoes’ product.”

-Andrew Rademacher
Founder of Lems Shoes

Now YOU have a chance to try Lems out! Today Lems is graciously giving away TWO PAIRS OF SHOES to two lucky winners! They are giving away one pair of the Primal 2 and one pair of the Boulder Boot, two of the newest additions to the Lems family!

thumbnail-1.aspBoulder Boot

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