Things We Love: Artist Samantha Ornellas

Today I am SUPER EXCITED to share with you one of the most talented people I know. Artist and client Samantha Ornellas is an incredible person, inside and out.

Samantha was first introduced to the Egoscue Method in 2011. Since then, she has been committed to her Egoscue menus and has seen tremendous improvements! She has eliminated Achilles pain, knee pain and hip pain, and is able to actually LIVE life again. Sam is always a joy to have in the clinic!

Sam has always had a passion and talent for art, but it wasn’t until after her first child was born that she really began to be committed to painting. When I first saw Sam’s paintings, I was blown away by how talented she is! Here’s what Sam has to say about her work:

I am humbled by nature’s beauty. Forever curious, I study the sky, the clouds, the trees,flowers and birds, watching how they change with the capricious effect of the sun and the seasons. I try to incorporate what I see into what I paint. The more I paint, the less it is about recreating reality, but more about interpreting reality. I hope that my art inspires you.

You can see more of Samantha’s amazing pieces and read more about her on her website at You can also like her page on Facebook and follow her on Instagram!

Today, we are giving away a print of one of Sam’s beautiful paintings!


Would you like to be the owner of this beautiful canvas print of Sam’s painting titled “Uganda Orphan”?

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