Things We Love: Studio 3 Fitness

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Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 10.24.14 AMNext in line for the “Things We Love!” is A WEEK OF FREE CLASSES at Studio 3 Fitness, owned and operated by my friend and Egoscue client, Calie Shackleford. I met Calie years ago through her health/nutrition website, Broccoli Cupcake: Where Healthy Meets Happy. Calie has a passion for seeing others change their lives for the better and wants everyone she comes in contact with to reach their personal health and fitness goals. Calie’s personality is infectious, and you’ll notice right away that she truly loves what she does!

She opened Studio 3 Fitness just over a year ago and has seen countless clients get in amazing shape, regardless of what shape they were in when they walked in the door. Studio 3 Fitness is a Barre studio, and the instructors are trained in BarreAmped created by fitness expert, Suzanne Bowen. Barre classes are influenced by dance and other body-movement methods, such as Pilates, with a focus on…get ready for it…posture and alignment (now you understand why we love it!).

For those of you not familiar with Barre, check out this video:

I’m super excited for whoever wins this giveaway! Here’s a bit more about Studio 3 Fitness:

Studio 3 Fitness is a health and wellness boutique that’s here to help you define and achieve your healthiest you! After all, “healthy” looks different on every BODY. At S3F> you can shape your health journey in a safe, supportive and challenging environment, filled with the best people you will meet in Spring Hill.

Step into our modern studio and you will find smiling, real women looking forward to dedicating an hour to their health among friends. Our results oriented workout classes are tailored to meet the needs of all ages and fitness levels. Our emphasis on form and a strong mind-body connection have helped many clients overcome injuries and can often be performed by those who are unable to participate in other group fitness classes due to back and joint challenges.

We believe you are a unique beauty and that you deserve a personal path to wellness. We believe there is no ideal number of pounds on a scale or inches on a waistline. We believe in a happy & healthy balance. We believe in YOU!

Studio 3 Fitness recognizes that living healthy isn’t just about exercising. They offer regular wellness workshops, nutrition coaching and a variety of healthy living products and services to help you feel your best. Part of what makes Studio 3 Fitness so great is that they have a strong sense of community among their members! They believe that strong support is important for successfully reaching your health and fitness goals.

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QUESTION: Have you taken a Barre class before? If so, what was your experience?