Things We Love: Sarah Stanley Inspired Living

Ok, gang — I’m totally excited to introduce you to Sarah Stanley today!

What’s crazy is that Sarah and I have never met in person…only on Twitter! What a crazy, cool world we live in! I have followed Sarah on Twitter for quite some time, and I have to say everything she puts out is great. From quotes to blog posts to health and nutrition facts, all of her tweets are packed with insight and knowledge. In addition to tweeting some great info, she also holds a wellness chat (use #WellnessChat to join in if you’re on Twitter) every Thursday night at 8:00 Eastern where she joins some of the industry leaders in health and wellness to answer your questions about various health/wellness topics. I joined her last fall for a #WellnessChat on chronic pain. I had a blast and got to interact with some great folks!

Sarah is a health guru who not only gives great info but also follows her own advise. Simply put, she talks the talk and walks the walk. Check out some of her accomplishments!


As a spokesperson on social media, nutrition, and ultra fitness, Sarah has been featured in SELF magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Chicago Athlete magazine, Washingtonian, SHAPE, Examiner, and First For Women, Greatist, and College Life TV.

In 2009 she completed 13 races, most notably a 100 mile ultra marathon, a 24 team relay, 3 full marathons and one half marathon- all within 5 weeks of each other. She also updated her progress via live updates to Twitter & Facebook on her Blackberry while running.

2010 marked a year of accomplishments, as she was the only woman to complete a Double Boston Marathon. In September she dedicated a week to getting the message out about childhood obesity and cycled around 276 miles from Washington, D.C. to New York City as part of the Celebration Ride project to help educate kids about the importance of an active lifestyle, eating real foods and helping others. As part of the trip, she partnered with ING Run For Something Better program. Sarah raised funds directly for the organization’s program.

In 2011, she became the only female to run all 18 Rock n’ Roll races (3 marathons & 15 half marathons). She also ran 3 additional marathons and two 50 mile ultramarathons and cycled 600 miles from San Francisco to San Diego for the annual birthday Celebration Ride project raising funds directly for Kids on Bikes.

In 2012, Sarah ran 4 back-to-back marathons on 2 different weekends (Mississippi Blues Marathon January 7, First Light Bank Marathon January 8, Wisconsin Marathon May 5 and Kalamazoo Marathon May 6). She also ran her 2nd 100 mile ultramarathon (Rocky Raccoon 100) and several other marathons helping first time runners cross the finish line.

In 2013 she was the overall female winner of the Ultra Dash 50 Mile Ultramarathon.

Sarah is a plant-based ultra endurance athlete and educates others on health misconceptions, the importance of eating real food and food labels.

Whew…I’m tired just reading that. If I had logged that many miles or done that many races in one year, I don’t know that I’d be back to walking, let alone racing, by now.
So here’s the deal. Sarah is a health stud, and she wants to help YOU become a health stud. That’s why today she’s giving away her 30-minute {wellprint} to help jump-start your path to health and wellness this year.Here’s what you get with Sarah’s {wellprint}:

We’ll work together on your health goals and how you can most benefit from {wellprint}. Everybody is on a different wellness journey and me and my team will help you get healthy with recipe makeovers, how to make time for your health and workouts that don’t require a gym.

What you get:

  • Learn how to break the cycle of food addiction, fast food, sugar cravings
  • Weekly group Google+ video hangout check in
  • Weekly email motivation and encouragement
  • Community support
  • Lifetime membership in {wellprint} community
  • Access to wellness professionals, registered dietitians, fitness experts
  • Recipes
  • Workouts
  • Wellness guides
  • Your very own {wellprint} plan
  • Your jeans will fit again!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Like Egoscue Nashville and Sarah on Facebook. You can also follow Egoscue Nashville and Sarah on Twitter.

2. Share the link to this blog post with your social circle.

3. Let me know that you’ve done so in the comments section on Facebook (retweets will automatically notify me).

4. Win and enjoy!

It’s that simple!

QUESTION: What are your 2014 health goals, and how will Sarah’s {wellprint} help you reach them?