What’s Wrong with this Picture?

I saw this picture the other day and found it to be very telling. Notice anything different between these two men?

Sitting Posture

Wow! What a difference a generation (or two) makes! The younger man, who most likely hasn’t moved much throughout his life, is slouched, hunched over, rounded forward, whatever you want to call it! His upper body is collapsing on top of itself.

The older man, who was most likely asked to move much more throughout his childhood, is sitting with almost PERFECT posture. He has a slight arch in his low back, his pelvis is rolled forward, and his ear, shoulder, and hip are sitting almost directly on top of one another.

As I stated before, my guess here is that the older man was exposed to movement in his younger years. Of course, I’m assuming, but I think it’s a pretty safe bet that he was required (metaphorically speaking), to “go out and kill it to eat it.” I’m sure was climbing trees, riding his bike, and “playing” every day. As a result, his body is strong, functionally strong, even as he ages. Pretty impressive!

The younger man? Uh…not so much.

QUESTION: Which one would you want to look like?