Surgery: The Ultimate Placebo Effect?


We work with a lot of clients who are contemplating surgery. Heck, I was contemplating surgery before I started doing Egoscue. So, I want to be clear that this isn’t an anti-surgery post. For that matter, this isn’t a pro-surgery post, either. I believe that surgery might very well help in the healing process. But what I also know is true, is that the body has an amazing ability to heal itself when given the chance.

For decades, surgical procedures have been thought of as a solution to one’s pain. If we just cut away the herniated portion of your disc, or if we clean up that torn meniscus, all will be right with the world.

However, a report in 2009 revealed that spinal vertebroplasty surgery may not be that beneficial. It revealed that patients who received a “sham” procedure that simply mimicked the real surgery had the same results as those who had the actual procedure performed.

Now, there’s a new report out that details the exact same results with knee surgery. What researchers are finding is that a fake knee surgery is just as effective as a real knee surgery.

Pretty interesting, huh? Basically, if you think you’re “fixed,” you’re right.

A previous study showed that physical therapy was just as effective as surgery for patients with both a meniscal tear and osteoarthritis, but many physicians have continued to recommend the procedures anyway, he said. “Doctors have a bad tendency to confuse what they believe with what they know,” said Dr. Järvinen, an orthopedic resident and adjunct professor at Helsinki University Central Hospital.

Hmmm…“Doctors have a bad tendency to confuse what they believe with what they know.” I wrote a few weeks ago about “Knowing vs. Believing” and the difference between the two. I’m very curious what Dr. Järvinen meant by his statement. Is he implying that doctors want to believe that surgery is beneficial even though they know it might not help? Or, do they know that they’re supposed to operate, that surgery is their trade, and they have stopped believing in the body’s ability to heal itself? Either way, this new report is a game-changer. Or at least it should be.

Hopefully, if you’re a surgical candidate, you will at least delay surgery in an attempt to allow your body time to heal on its own. I believe it can do so. I’ve seen it too many times to believe otherwise. If you’d like to start the healing process and begin returning your body back to its design blueprint, take a minute and download our Four Free E-cises and start them today!

QUESTION: What are your thoughts about this new report?