Osteoporosis and the Truth About Aging


The medical world is sending a message to our aging population. They’re saying that while you old fogies (I could have called you an old fart…but I didn’t!) aren’t totally screwed now, you might be in the near future. Yep–it’s sad but true. You should save yourself a lot of agony and simply throw in the towel now, because life as you know it is over, and there’s nothing you can do about.

That’s right. You’ve reached the beginning of the end. You don’t have full-blown osteoporosis, but it’s been discovered that you have it’s predecessor, osteopenia. And, once you’re diagnosed with osteopenia…

Awwww….crap. It is O-V-E-R.

Or is it?

Not in our book, it’s not. Actually, in our book (Pain Free by Pete Egoscue if you’d literally like to read the book), we believe you have more than a fighting chance

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