Core Training: Not Just for Back Pain and Bikinis


Are you ready to talk “core training”? Because I am. I’m sick of people misusing the term “core.” I’m sick of someone having back pain and being told they just need to strengthen their core, I’m tired of hearing you say you need to do core work in order to look good in a bikini, and I’m really tired of hearing people being told that no matter what exercise movement they’re doing that they need to tighten their core and brace their abdominals.

I’m sure that when you think “core” you think abdominals. You definitely think about the “six-pack” abs, and you might think about your obliques, but I’m sure you don’t think about anything other than those. However, did you know that your core stretches from your toes all the way up to your skull? Yes, that’s right, it’s a full-body chain. Take a look at…

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