Hope is Not a Plan



I was stopped dead in my tracks. I was talking to one of my best friends yesterday when he uttered those five simple words. We were talking about a project he’s working on and what his timeline for it is.

“Well…” he said, “I’m hoping to…”

His voice trailed off as he stopped mid-sentence.

“No,” he continued, “…’hope’ is not a plan.”

Whoa! My mind. Was. Blown.

I couldn’t speak. Honestly, I couldn’t even track with what he was saying after that. I was so mesmerized by his words.

Hope is not a plan.

How many of you have hoped for something but not planned for it? I know I’m guilty of it.

Have you ever planted a garden and simply hoped it would grow? Of course not! You planted your seeds, watered them daily, weeded as necessary. You had a plan, and in the end, you had food…

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