Testimonial Tuesday – Egoscue: The “Best Method” for Golf


I wanted to share a different kind of testimonial today. Typically I’m sharing things about people eliminating pain, but today’s post,  compliments of instructor V.J. Trolio, tells about how Egoscue and golf go hand-in-hand. Below, V.J. shares why he uses Egoscue with his students and clients. V.J. was named one of Golf Digest’s Top-20 Teachers Under 40 and knows the game as well as anyone I’ve been around. Take a couple minutes and read what he has to say. Also, check out his website and follow him on Twitter while you’re at it. Thanks to V.J. for sharing his story!

As a golf instructor to every level of player, from the touring professional to the recreational member, I understand muscles, the function of the muscles, and the skeletal structure of the individual WILL GOVERN how they move in space.  For improvement it is very important I understand the individual’s goals, their willingness to train, and what their body will allow them to do.

I personally cannot imagine golf instruction without Egoscue.  The ecises are simple, holistic, and get muscles functioning!  When that happens, the player will move through space much better.  I personally believe it to be the best method because it hands the responsibility and knowledge to the individual.

Every willing junior golfer, mini tour player, college player, and PGA Touring professional I have uses EGOSCUE to prevent the body from being a variable in a game full of variables! The results of proper training, mental and physical, in conjunction with a daily menu of ECISES speak for themselves.

If you’re looking to improve your golf game, you have to stay focused on the most important aspect of your game: Your body. You can dramatically change your golf game and swing without ever touching a club. If you’re wondering how, a great place to start is by downloading Four Free E-cises. You can test the results for yourself by taking some swings before and after the exercises. My guess is you’ll notice quite a difference after the fact.

QUESTION: How has pain or poor swing mechanics impacted your golf game? Do you find yourself working on the same things over and over?