Testimonial Tuesday – Kenny Pritchett

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a testimonial. I know you all are enjoying them, and I plan on keeping them coming! That being said, I need to hear your story! If you’re willing to share your story in a couple short paragraphs, please email the clinic at nashville@egoscue.com. Trust me when I say it will change someone’s life! Even if you aren’t a client of mine, I’d still love to hear your Egoscue story.

Today’s testimonial comes from my friend Kenny in Kentucky. Take a couple minutes and read his powerful story and take a look at his before/after pictures. His is truly a remarkable transformation.

I am at the year-and-a-half point with my commitment to the Egoscue Method, and I can now visualize my self-mangled 54-yr-old spine turning back into the healthy spine of a 10-year old. I can feel weekly, sometimes daily, changes toward straightness. Where walking — which I love — was for some time my enemy (motion on top of poor alignment = pain), it has now become my friend again. Where I had to put away my favorite hobby — playing guitar — for a year and a half, I am now back in the saddle playing with our Praise Band in Sunday morning church. Where sitting for just 10 minutes used to turn into agony, I can now take long car trips, sit in long meetings, etc.

I believe my case was extreme and unusual; thus, the long time period necessary for me to get back toward perfect. And I still have some work to do. But two years of corrective effort for 30 years of very damaging habits is not a bad trade at all! It’s scary to think: if I had not found the Egoscue Method, I might have been physically miserable for the rest of my life. My perspective now is that my very best days are ahead of me! And by the way, I will keep doing these e-cises until my last breath, because I am not going back to where I was!!

Kenny before after(click to enlarge)

– Kenny Pritchett
Egoscue Nashville Client


To update Kenny’s testimonial, I have talked to him a couple times in the last month. He was excited to tell me that he bought a tennis racquet! He isn’t playing currently, but he knows he’s going to and bought the racquet as motivation! He is DETERMINED to get back to 100%! Great job, Kenny! We’re pulling for you!

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