Need a Ticket? That’ll be 30 Squats, Please

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Photo: Getty Images

If you’re in Russia this month, riding the subway might cost you a little extra. Of course, it might cost you a little less…depending on how you look at it.

The Russian subway is now excepting squats as payment. Nope, not a typo. For the month of November, you can bypass the $1 ride by doing 30 squats. With the Winter Olympics in Sochi right around the corner (who’s ready for some Ice Dancing?!?), city officials are encouraging subway riders to earn their way on the train a bit differently. Participants are able to gain their free ride by doing squats in front of a machine that lets them know if they’re doing them correctly. To up the ante a bit, riders have to complete the required number of squats in under 2:00. Pretty cool, huh? Save a little coin. Burn a little fat. Gain a little movement. Sounds like a winning combination to me! Check out the video:

It reminds me of the subway staircase in Sweden that was turned into a working piano to encourage folks to take the stairs, rather than ride the adjacent escalator. It’s amazing how we choose a little extra work when it’s fun!


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QUESTION: Would you do squats in lieu of paying for public transportation? Would you take the stairs more if they played music?