The New “Zombie” Drug



It’s October, and that means Halloween is just around the corner. No doubt we’ll be seeing plenty of “zombies” running around our neighborhoods soon, but this post has nothing to do with costumes.

No, this post is much scarier.

It appears a new injectable opioid, called krokodil (pronounced like crocodile) has made its way to the United States. It gets its name from the green and black scale-like effect it has on the skin. It kills the soft tissues in the body from the inside out, leaving the user with zombie-like sores and wounds.

Just last weekend, five people in Joliet, IL were hospitalized with krokodil symptoms.

For years, opioids have been prescribed as painkillers, but with krokodil, users are injecting is as a cheaper version of heroin. According to the report, at least one user who was hospitalized thought she was purchasing heroin. I would encourage you to read the story on and watch the video that goes along with it, but I have to warn you that some of the images in the video are graphic.

Is it only a matter of time until a chronic pain sufferer turns to krokodil to try and numb what they’re feeling? Let’s hope not.

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QUESTION: What’s the scariest part about this story?