Testimonial Tuesday – From Nearly Disabled to Running Again!

Seriously, y’all (yep…I’m officially a “Nashville-ian”) need to take a couple minutes and read this testimonial. My jaw is on my desk. Let me just say, emails like this never get old. When I read words like Dan’s, I’m speechless, and I’m honored that he took the time to write his testimonial. Dan, everyone here at Egoscue Nashville is incredibly proud of you! Keep working hard!


I wanted to let you know how much Egoscue has helped me.  I’m now doing two hours a day in the tower, generally 5-6 days per week along with about 20 minutes of other egoscue exercises.  I’ve been doing it for over six months now after previous Egoscue exercises for about a year and a half.  I resisted the two hours a day in the tower once you suggested it a while back, but since I tried it, it has changed my life.  Egoscue has always helped, a big, big help from the beginning, but the two hours a day has been phenomenal.  As you know I suffered from chronic pain, especially lower back pain, for over 25 years, and was nearly disabled many times.  I took the highest level medically possible of pain medications for over 15 years, and just barely functioned from day-to-day.  I could hardly travel for periods longer than an hour and had difficulty sitting through a movie.  I limped and could barely get around.  Now, I rarely, if ever, take any medications.

I recently went on a 5 day airline trip to Vegas, followed by a four day driving trip, alone, of over 1,000 miles the next week, and took no medication.  I did my egoscue routine every day with the collapsible tower and inflatable pillow.  I now drive approximately 300-400 miles per week across the state for my work and often stay overnight- virtually no problems- if I keep up my Egoscue routine.  I’m not exaggerating when I sincerely attest that I feel more comfortable and mobile driving and traveling today with my Egoscue exercises than I did in my late teens and 20’s.

To quote a cliche- at 58, it has truly given me a new lease on life.  I can now do regular walks and some running, which I had stopped years ago.  I was approaching my later years in life with trepidation wondering how was was going to get around as I got older.  My back and pain just seemed to always be getting worse, and I was getting less and less mobile, and this was with daily “stretches” and weekly, sometimes bi-weekly chiropractic sessions.  My approaching golden years now look golden.

Thank you and Guilly in New Orleans who first trained me on Egoscue.  And please thank Peter Egoscue.  I hope he knows he has given me my life back.  I know he’s done this for thousands of others.  Please let me know if he ever comes this way.  I’d love to meet him.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dan B.,

Nashville, TN


I think it’s safe to say, Dan is living life. In short, he’s living fearlessly!

QUESTION: Can you relate to Dan’s story? Are you worried about limping in to your “Golden Years,” or are you running, full-steam ahead, into those years?