Testimonial “Tuesday” – Shoulder and Arm Pain Eliminated!

I know, I know…it’s Wednesday, but today’s post is a “Testimonial Tuesday”! I was slammed yesterday and didn’t get to our typical Tuesday feature, but fear not, I’m getting you caught up today!

You absolutely HAVE to read Brenda’s story!

I have to say, Brenda was very hesitant to start working with Egoscue. She was hopeful that this would be her cure, but wasn’t 100% convinced. After several phone conversations, Brenda took the plunge. Shortly after starting, she realized that she had made the right decision and that this was the place for her!

Not only was her pain eliminated, but Brenda went on to attend Egoscue University and become certified as a Postural Alignment Specialist so that she could help others struggling with debilitating pain! GREAT JOB, BRENDA!


Shoulder & arm pain eliminated!

Incredible! That’s how I feel about The Egoscue Method! In the spring of 2007 I began to experience shoulder pain that would carry down through my arm into my fingers. I had to cease from doing my activities as a caregiver and seamstress due to the pain I was experiencing. 

The pain was excruciating! Even after several visits to my chiropractor I was still unable to carry out simple household chores like washing dishes. There were days when all I could do was stay in bed. Staying in a horizontal position was comfortable, as any gravitational pull down on my right side sent shooting pains down my arm.

I have always been an active person and made brisk walking a part of my weekly routine but desired to take up running again like I used to do in my twenties. However, when I started back to running in the fall, I noticed my pain would intensify after I was done. My chiropractor said that I needed to stop running because the jostling of my arm was making the pain worse. I sought out a second opinion about my pain and made an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. He told me that my only other option was surgery! He said there was nothing more I could do for my shoulder and that I had waited too long.

I actually had heard about Egoscue a few years ago, but I wasn’t in pain at that time. Now it was different—I knew I needed to take responsibility for my pain. I got online and discovered the Nashville clinic. After doing some research and reading the testimonials (just like you’re doing now!) I was convinced that I had to give this a chance. I called Clinic Director John Elder and explained what I had been going through. He was very genial and answered my many questions. He told me of his personal experience with chronic pain the Method as well as Pete Egoscue’s story. I was so impressed with his knowledge and confidence about the body and how it functions, that I decided to make my first appointment. Even the drive to the clinic caused pain, but the anticipation and hope of getting relief helped me to persevere to get there. Upon arrival I told John, “If this Egoscue Method really works, I will be on one of the highest mountains in Tennessee proclaiming this to everyone who can hear me!”

I must tell you that I left my first of eight sessions with diminished pain! John sent me home with a list of e-cises to do every day until my next weekly appointment. After taking responsibility for my pain and doing the e-cises that my body wasn’t used to, I began to see positive results. I was back doing household chores, doing some light sewing and being able to drive without pain.

In addition to pain relief, my posture is definitely better, too. That’s what the Method is really all about—it’s getting your posture aligned right, because when it’s off in one area of your body it throws the rest of your body off and thus your pain begins. The Method focuses on the whole body, not just the area where the pain is located. I know now that I must take action and responsibility myself and be disciplined to do so instead of depending on others to do it for me. Oh, and I can’t forget to tell you that I’m running again and increasing in distance without pain! Incredible! That’s how I feel about the Egoscue Method!

Brenda, Hartsville, TN

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