Testimonial Tuesday – Dewanda is LOVING her 50s!


A HUGE “thanks” to all of you who are sharing these testimonials on Facebook and Twitter! Your shares and likes are literally changing the lives of those around you!

Today’s testimonial comes from one of our clients who posted about her experience on our Facebook wall. Since starting Egoscue, Dewanda has eliminated her pain, started jogging, has been taking tennis lessons, and as an added bonus…lost weight! She’s moving better, feeling better, and living life again! Way to go, Dewanda! We’re proud of you!

John and Buffy….I want to offer my appreciation to you for setting me on the right track. After you John, visually showed me the progress my body has done in 3 full weeks was amazing to me. All my dedication to completing my menu each day has given me new direction and I am now able to set new goals. I jogged/walked today for the first time effortless and I hated it before so I didn’t do it. I jogged up inclines and walked down them (I like this new woman). I will be signing up for some 5K to commit myself more as each day will get me closer to my goal weight Sept.1. My 50’s just keep getting better and better.Looking forward to more changes to be made each week and improve that image I started with. No wonder I was in pain!!!! Thank you guys…and thank you Pete Egoscue!!

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