Testimonial Tuesday- No Longer Afraid of Painful Headaches

Thank you to everyone who has liked, commented and shared the Egoscue Nashville Facebook Page, followed us on Twitter and followed the blog! I love hearing how Egoscue has changed the way you are able to live without pain!

This weeks Testimonial Tuesday comes from Liz Johnson. If you suffer from migraine headaches, like Liz did, take a look at how Egoscue has helped!

Migraine II

I’m stopping by to finally like your page as I’ve been meaning to for so long! And have to share that I continue to be amazed and thrilled with how great I feel and especially with how reduced in frequency, intensity and duration my migraine headaches have become! Becoming a client and maybe more so a BELIEVER in Egoscue has been VERY worthwhile for me…

I think it is really the best money, time and effort I’ve spent on myself and my health in a long time and the best part is that I can see that I am a better equipped in my life as a busy wife, mother, and community involved person. I am able to more fully engage in and ENJOY the activities in my life, pain free and with tools to manage and maintain my good results. I’m not being reactive and afraid of painful headaches, but instead being proactive by keeping up with doing my menu of e-cises and the tower as consistently as I can.

It sounds too good to be true as I type it, but sincerely I do NOT exaggerate! I do NOT miss my more than monthly migraines that knocked me out of commission for sometimes a couple of days…Just this past Monday in my appt with Buffy I told her I’m ready to shout it out to the world, “Egoscue WORKS!”
Thank you, thank you!!!
Elizabeth Anne Johnson (via Facebook)