Testimonial Tuesday – Plantar Fasciitis


Check out Kathryn’s testimonial. If you’re struggling with pain from Plantar Fasciitis, I hope her words encourage you! Keep up the great work, Kathryn–all of us at Egoscue Nashville are proud of you.

Before visiting the Egoscue Clinic and John Elder in Franklin, TN, I had suffered from plantar fasciitis in my left foot for about 13 years. I had tried literally every pain relief option out there from physical therapy, custom orthotics, cortisone shots, wearing a boot to sleep in, wearing special shoes, avoiding walking barefoot, and even orthotripsy (high levels of ultrasound admitted while under general anesthesia). I had resigned myself to living with the pain and not being able to walk around barefoot or in shoes without some sort of arch support. After having had a successful college tennis career, I was very discouraged to be unable to play tennis or go for a run without pain.

To say that I was skeptical of finding an answer at Egoscue is an understatement. When I first met John, he asked me if I thought that my shoulder issues (I had rotator cuff surgery after college) and my foot pain were related. I kind of laughed at him and said no because the two had happened at different times in my life under different circumstances. He went on to prove me wrong. John explained the Egoscue concept of pain and injuries occurring when the muscles in our body are not functioning properly together. One of the first things that John had me do while in the clinic that day was to walk across the floor barefoot with my hands clasped behind my head. I was amazed to find that while walking in that position, my foot did not hurt at all! I was intrigued that point and decided to give it a shot.

John gave me a series of excerises (ecises) to do at home which would bring the body and muscles back into proper functioning position. I was to do the ecises daily for a week and then return for a new set the following week. During this process, I also began wearing the Vibram Five Finger shoes which John had recommended to me as well. They helped to strengthen my foot which had become weak from so many years of wearing orthotics. I wore them at home for several weeks and then as my foot got stronger was able to begin trail running in them.

I am now happy to report that the Egoscue daily ecises have resulted in the total healing of my plantar fasciitis. I no longer need orthotics, can walk barefoot without pain, and am back to running on a regular basis. It took a few months of faithfully doing the ecises for me to see results but the results did come and now, a year and a half later, I am still pain free. I would highly recommend Egoscue to anyone who is struggling with chronic foot pain or any other chronic pain.  I know that I am just one of many who have found success with this method.

QUESTION: Did this story inspire you? Have you reached the end of your rope with your pain? Tell me your story!