BREAKING: Tiger Woods is in Pain. Also, the Sky is Blue


If it seems like I blog about a Tiger Woods injury every year, it’s because I do blog about a Tiger Woods injury every year.

I talked about him on a local radio show in fall of 2010, predicting he’d get injured.

Then I wrote about him in spring of 2011 when my prediction came true.

I wrote about him again in 2012.

And, now I’m writing about him in 2013.

Anyone else (besides you, Tiger) see a trend here?

It was reported before last week’s PGA Championship at The Barclays that Tiger Woods was suffering a stiff neck and a stiff back. He blamed it on the mattress he was sleeping on. Uh…sorry, Tiger. Don’t think so.

He “rested” his back by pulling out of the Wednesday Pro-Am and hit the course Thursday morning. Shockingly, Tiger was in contention come Sunday until this happened:



Tiger, your body has been sending you signals for years now. Let’s hope you start listening to it soon.

QUESTION: What’s your reaction to the latest Tiger Woods injury news?