Testimonial Tuesday – Tara Wagner

Testimonial Tuesday has been resonating with a lot of you! You all are a HUGE part of the Egoscue team, and you help us spread the word to others when you “Like” and share my posts on Facebook and tweet them to all of your Twitter followers! Thanks for sharing what you read, and please continue to do so!

I’ve shared today’s story before, but it’s SO powerful, I just had to share it again. Whether you’ve heard about Tara’s battle with scoliosis or not, do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to listen to her story (check out her website while you’re at it).

I would retell it to you, but, honestly, I wouldn’t do it justice. I think it can only be told in her own words. So…without further ado, here’s Tara:

QUESTION: What was your main takeaway from Tara’s story?