Osteoporosis and the Truth About Aging

The medical world is sending a message to our aging population. They’re saying that while you old fogies (I could have called you an old fart…but I didn’t!) aren’t totally screwed now, you might be in the near future. Yep–it’s sad but true. You should save yourself a lot of agony and simply throw in the towel now, because life as you know it is over, and there’s nothing you can do about.

That’s right. You’ve reached the beginning of the end. You don’t have full-blown osteoporosis, but it’s been discovered that you have it’s predecessor, osteopenia. And, once you’re diagnosed with osteopenia…

Awwww….crap. It is O-V-E-R.

Or is it?

Not in our book, it’s not. Actually, in our book (Pain Free by Pete Egoscue if you’d literally like to read the book), we believe you have more than a fighting chance. We believe you’re not a bunch of old fogies. In fact, we believe that if you didn’t know how old you were, you’d have NO IDEA how old you were!

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 5.45.42 PMYou’ve been told there’s “no hope” and you need to prepare for a life with little-to-no movement in it (just don’t tell that to the lady in the picture to the left!). Check out what Pete Egoscue says about it when discussing two of the Eight Laws of Physical Health: Vertical Loading and Renewal. Both of those are key when it comes to preventing or reversing your bone loss.

Vertical Loading: Gravity is necessary for health. In order for gravity to exert a positive and dynamic influence on the body, the skeleton must be vertically aligned in its posture.

Renewal: The body is organic; therefore, it is in a constant state of growth or rebirth. Muscles, bones, nerves, connective tissues, cartilage, and the like are all alive. If the body is not renewing, it is because we are violating the laws of physical health. The more laws we violate, the faster we age and die.

If you are properly aligned and loaded, gravity has an incredibly powerful impact on your body. Only then will your muscles and bones grow properly. When you’re misaligned, gravity impacts the body negatively and osteopenia–and then osteoporosis–sets in.

Egoscue continues later in the book when talking about another bone condition that impacts many of you, arthritis.

The word arthritis spooks people, but it only means what it is objectively denoting in Latin–inflammation of a joint…It is a disease of unknown origin, we are told. A disease that is incurable.

I have never seen arthritis develop in a joint that was previously aligned. Never. Given that, as recent clinical tests have shown, moderate regular exercise eases that symptoms of osteoarthritis in the elderly, moderate regular exercise  and  musculoskeletal alignment in younger people would go a long way–if not all the way–toward preventing the onset of the disease in the first place.

Agressive arthritis–the disease mechanism, not just the swelling and cartilage loss–appears to seek out quiet, undisturbed places to set up shop. A joint capsule is a fortress, a world unto itself. Weaken it by blood and oxygen deprivation, which the prioritizing body does to any superficial tissue or systems, and arthritis has the necessary conditions to thrive.

Simply put, the better aligned you are, the more you efficiently you move, and the more blood and oxygen you get to your joints. Osteoporosis, osteopenia, and arthritis can’t survive in an environment that is loaded properly, and full of movement, blood flow, and oxygen. That’s why these conditions have nothing to do with age, and instead, have everything to do with your body position. Get aligned properly and your diagnosis will disappear. You’ll miraculously get your life back! Even if you’re still an old fogey. If you’re ready to reverse the “aging process,” download our 4 Free E-cises and get started right now!

QUESTION: What was your reaction to being told you had osteoporosis or osteopenia?