Florida’s Andre Debose Tears ACL

University of Florida Wide Receiver/Kick Returner, Andre Debose, will miss his senior season after tearing his ACL in a non-contact drill Wednesday.

According to Head Coach Will Muschamp, Debose “just planted his foot and there was a tear.” 

It’s unfortunate, but I believe this injury could have been 100% preventable. Check out the picture that accompanied the article about Dubose’s injury on SportsIllustrated.com:

Orlando Sentinel/MCT/Getty Images

Orlando Sentinel/MCT/Getty Images

Notice that Dubose is running straight ahead, but his left knee (the one he tore) and left foot are most certainly NOT. The knee and foot are both pointing to the left.  Now, imagine what’s going to happen if Debose plants on that left foot and cuts to his right. He is attempting to go one direction, yet his knee is headed in the opposite direction. Not a good combination. To properly and functionally change directions, he needs to get the load joints on his left side (hip, knee, and ankle) to work together as a unit to propel him to the right. They’re not even close to doing that in the picture above.

Think about what happened yesterday: Dubose planted to change directions, and his knee gave way. There was no contact. He didn’t get tackled. No lineman got blocked into him. He didn’t get chop-blocked. He simply planted his foot, and his knee popped.

In my opinion, Dubose was a torn ACL waiting to happen, and yesterday was finally the day that his body said, “Enough is enough.” His load joints weren’t working in conjunction with one another, and his ACL couldn’t hold up under the pressure any longer. His season is over, and sadly, his career might be over.

And to think it might have been preventable.

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