The Big Business of Narcotics

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We’re becoming a nation of druggies. That may seem harsh, but it’s true.

It’s no secret that painkillers are increasing in popularity. Fewer folks are taking control and responsibility. More of them are taking meds. According to an article I read in the NY Times today, nearly 241 million Americans are taking narcotics for pain.

Sadly, we’ve got it all wrong. We think that as long as the pain goes away, we’re good. If there’s no pain, that means that the sky must be blue, birds must be singing, and all must be right with the world. 

But check out what the folks from Egoscue Portland posted on their Facebook wall the other day (have you “Liked” the Egoscue Nashville page yet?):

This is a quote from Pain Free Living by Pete Egoscue —

If you break a leg in a fall, the fracture is the cause of pain, and the pain is obviously a symptom. But if a physician manages to kill the pain, the leg is still broken. Suppressing the pain symptom is relatively easy, but there is usually much more work to be done, and my point is that too often the work isn’t done.

Narcotics, opioids, are simply killing the pain. They aren’t doing anything for the cause of the pain. Sure, they’ll numb you up so you can’t feel your fracture, but what about that bone of yours that’s in pieces? Obviously, the work isn’t done. Pills don’t do anything to treat the cause of the pain, yet their use is skyrocketing.

Narcotic painkillers are now the most widely prescribed class of medications in the United States, and prescriptions for the strongest opioids, including OxyContin, have increased nearly fourfold over the past decade.

There is increasing evidence, however, that such drugs, along with being widely abused, are often ineffective in treating long-term pain and can have serious consequences, particularly when used in high doses.

When dealing with chronic pain, it’s critical that you focus on the cause of the pain, rather than just treating the pain. Remember the broken leg example from above. Fix the broken leg, don’t simply medicate and numb the pain.

If you’re ready to take charge and do something about the cause, then it’s time to download these 4 Free E-cises to start your journey to living a pain free life.

QUESTION: What impact have narcotics had on you or a loved one?