The Best Foods for Fertility


I have to say, infertility is near and dear to my heart, and I’ve blogged about it several times before. Whether you’ve struggled getting pregnant or have suffered through numerous miscarriages, first of all, let me say, I’m sorry. I know you hear those words a lot, and I’m sure by now it’s borderline offensive when someone says that to you, but I genuinely mean it.

In full disclosure, my wife and I have three boys, but we also lost a child in between our first and second sons due to miscarriage. My wife was only about five weeks along, and we had only known about it for a week or so, but nonetheless, it was heart wrenching. Both my wife and I believe that that child was our little girl. While having three boys is awesome, I would have loved the opportunity to see my wife raise a miniature version of herself. All that to say, please know that my “I’m sorry” is a heartfelt one. My wife and I have been there, and I know first-hand how much it hurts.

For those of you who have tried the standard infertility treatments with no success, I want to make you aware of some other options you might not have thought of before. There was an article today on that caught my eye, and I wanted to pass it along. Today’s article was about the best foods for fertility. While you may be thinking, What in the WORLD does what I heat have to do with me getting pregnant?, just give it a chance. There might be something there that you haven’t tried before.

The right combination of treatments and following a proper fertility diet could increase a woman’s chances of achieving conception.

Eliminate processed foods and choos natural, organic products whenever possible. To cut down on the number of toxins and hormones ingested, chose proteins from organic, grass-fed and pastured animals as often as you can. Certain vitamins and minerals might help a woman’s body prepare for conception. A good fertility diet is high in foods containing these five key components:


While changing your diet is an important piece of the puzzle, you also need to ensure that your pelvis is properly positioned to ensure that your reproductive system is ready for a baby. Your body needs to know that things are going to be safe for both you and the baby over the next 40 weeks. If the conditions aren’t right, you won’t get pregnant. Like I said before, I’ve blogged about it several times before, and I would definitely recommend reading the following articles:

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