Reconnecting Does a Body Good

Sing it with me now: The foot bone’s connected to the…leg bone. The leg bone’s connected to the…hip bone. 

Remember that song? There’s so much truth to that. I use it as an example with clients all the time to remind them that, although their knee is killing them, we can’t ignore the fact that their entire body is connected. In order for a client to eliminate his or her pain, it’s crucial that we reconnect all of the joints and get them playing nice with each other.

But I believe there’s more to this whole “reconnection” thing. Just like the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone, I also believe that the leg bone’s connected to…your emotions, your heart, your soul.

I have believed this for a long time but was reminded of it last night when I reconnected with a long-time friend.

JamieJohnI hope that you, like myself, have that one person in your life (maybe two…maybe three) who you immediately are able to reconnect with even though you haven’t spoken in years, possibly decades. Most of us have a couple names on our list. One of those guys for me is a buddy from high school. Another, Jamie, is a buddy I met when I was in junior high. He was from Southern California, and I was from Kansas, but that didn’t stop us from immediately bonding like brothers when we met in the early 90s. He happened to be in Nashville last night, and we had a chance to reconnect. And, I have to tell you…IT WAS GREAT!

Even though Jamie and I haven’t spoken in years (other than a few comments back and forth after finding each other on Facebook), it was like we had never been apart. We talked about memories from 20 years ago like they happened 20 minutes prior. We shared some laughs, we spoke seriously, got caught up on each other’s families, and commented to each other that we still looked like those two kids who met 20 years ago. Ok…maybe I’m a little more gray than I was at 14, but other than that neither of us had changed a bit!

What I find most interesting as I reflect on our conversation last night is how good I feel today. Despite getting home at midnight and the alarm going off at 6 am, I woke up with energy. I didn’t roll out of bed and immediately feel my achy left hip. I actually did two workouts as part of my triathlon training today and felt like I had plenty of gas left in the tank when I was finished. Physically, I felt like a rockstar today. 

Reconnecting does a body good.

I’ve blogged before about filling your cup and taking time for yourself, for things you enjoy, and I believe it’s SO important. Last night was a cup-filler for me. I truly value the bond that Jamie and I have, and I know that friendships like those aren’t common. That’s why most of us only have a couple of people like that in our lives. Those connections are rare.

I believe how you feel physically is 100% connected to how you feel emotionally. Your physical body is connected to all the other “stuff” in your life. Maybe you’re going through a rough divorce. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one. Perhaps you lost your job. I don’t think it’s coincidental that you now have back or hip or knee pain. The physical is connected to the emotional. Don’t ignore that fact.

Remember, reconnecting does a body good, and it’s important that you’re reconnecting the whole body.

QUESTION:  What do you do to reconnect with those important people in your life, and how do you feel after the fact?