No Such Thing as a Bad Motion

You’ve heard me say that sentence before. It’s a Pete Egoscue-ism that has been shared countless times over the last several decades. Your body is designed to move, and movement is designed to be fun.

Here’s a great video of a guy accomplishing both. When it comes to exercise and activity, I have always preached about the “have-to” vs. the “want-to” mentality. I believe that if you’re doing an activity, running on the treadmill, for example, with a mindset that you “have to” do it, you’re not benefitting from it as much as you should or could be. In comparison, if you’re doing something because you “want to ” (or “get to”), you’ll get exponentially better results from it. I think the guy in the following video genuinely enjoys his time on the treadmill. There’s no hiding that fact! Time on the treadmill is a “want to” or a “get to” for him. The guy right behind him, however? Not so much. I believe that guy feels that in order to get in shape and stay fit, he will “have to” get his cardio in, and his weapon of choice happens to be the treadmill. It’s for that reason – the “want to” vs. the “have to” – that I believe their treadmill experiences are very different.



QUESTION: Which one do you believe is getting more benefit from his workout?