The Formula for Success

I know your story. You’re in pain and you’ve tried everything. You’re tired, depressed, and at the end of your rope. You’re ready to give up, give in, and throw in the towel.

Trust me, I get it…it’s all too familiar. The reason I know your story is because your story was my story.

But today’s post should give you hope. Today I’m giving you the secret to eliminating your pain.

Are you ready to hear the secret formula? Are you finally ready to get out of pain, to live again? If you are, then this is the post for you. I have the scientifically-proven-guaranteed-not-to-fail-life-giving formula, and the best part is that there are only two steps. That’s right…just two.

Step 1: Change your mind.

Step 2: Make progress.

Initially, those steps might not make any sense, as it seems they don’t have anything to do with pain relief. After all, those two steps don’t mention anything about exercising, running, resting, icing, etc. Yet, those two steps, and their order, are crucial. If you ignore one of them, or change the order of them, you’ll fall short of your goal.

If you have been an Egoscue client before, you know that changing your mind is crucial to understanding your body. Many of us get too focused on our pain, believing that something is wrong with the body. As a result, we set out on a mission to find the answer to the question, What’s wrong with me?

However, I don’t believe that’s the right question to ask. We have to remember that pain is a signal. Pain is the only way the body has to communicate with you. As a result, it’s crucial that instead of asking, What’s wrong with me? we need to instead ask, What’s my body trying to tell me? 

That’s the mind change that needs to happen. What’s my body trying to tell me? speaks to something more, something else. It speaks to a cause/effect relationship. It speaks to a cure rather than just a treatment. And at the end of the day, aren’t we all looking for a cure? Take cancer, for example. We have plenty of treatments for cancer…but I think we can all agree that what we want is a cure, right?

Only after you change your mind can you then make progress and take steps forward to healing. Too often, we want progress without first changing our mind, ignoring the most important step in the process. We want to feel better, to run again, to get back to golfing, etc. We want progress, and we want it now! Sometimes we choose the knife, the pill, or the brace thinking that those will allow for progress. But sadly, they don’t. Those things simply mask what’s truly happening with your body. You might feel better temporarily, but you still haven’t changed your mind. You aren’t asking the right question. You’re ignoring the signals.

I found this quote from George Bernard Shaw while scrolling through the blog of The Pittsburgh Girls, and it inspired me to write this post (I would encourage you to visit their site. They seem like a great group of women with a great mission).

Shaw quote


WOW, I love that quote! “Progress is IMPOSSIBLE without change.” Impossible. Did you read that? Impossible. Let that sink in for a minute. Once that has had a chance to sink in, I want you to think about your current situation. Whether you’re struggling with chronic pain or suffering through a painful personal situation, in order to progress through it, you have to change your mind first. It can’t be the other way around.

QUESTION: In what order have you put these two steps?