Yoga vs. Egoscue


Let me start by saying I’m a fan of yoga. More accurately, I’m a fan of you doing yoga. While I don’t do it personally, I think it can be extremely beneficial for your body. It takes your joints through a wide range of motion and encourages you to stay active. However, many folks who are new to Egoscue read one of the books or see some videos online and say, “Oh…so it’s like yoga.” Uh…not exactly.

Actually, the two modalities are quite different. While they compliment each other well, they are not one-in-the-same. Everything we do at Egoscue is specific to your posture, your structural misalignments. Generally speaking, yoga tends to be in a group setting, kind of a shotgun approach. While that’s not bad, I do believe that in a group setting there’s a chance for you to get “lost in the crowd.” The same could be said if you were doing Egoscue in a group setting with everyone going through the same e-cises. You might not be using the correct form (which can go undetected in a large group), or you might feel pressured to attempt certain moves or positions that your body just can’t functionally do. Both of those things are problems, or at the very least, can lead to problems. Anytime the body is allowed to compensate there’s a chance for pain and injury.

Trust me when I say that compensatory movements aren’t exclusive to yoga. There are countless times throughout your day that your body compensates to get you through a given movement. Yoga isn’t the “bad guy” here. Compensations exist while playing golf, running, or simply reaching for a stapler on your desk.

Just like with those activities, I believe you should do your Egoscue menu to set yourself up for yoga. You shouldn’t be looking at yoga as a way to get yourself functional or eliminate pain. That’s Egoscue’s job. Egoscue targets your specific posture dysfunctions which are causing your pain. Egoscue is what allows you to finally do those certain moves and positions that you’ve never been able to previously do.

Use Egoscue as your precursor for yoga, and you’ll do great. If you’re a veteran yogi and you begin incorporating Egoscue into your daily routine, you’ll be surprised how much better you are at certain positions once your body is aligned and moving efficiently. I know the title of this post is “Yoga vs. Egoscue” but honestly, that’s a bit of a misnomer. It’s not “us vs. them.” Rather, it’s “us and them.” So do your menu, put on your Lululemon, get out your mat, and get to class!

QUESTION: What’s your favorite activity to do after you’ve done your menu?